Monday, September 24, 2012

Colors in Spanish

Want to know what are the colors in Spanish? Welcome to Colors in Spanish, a website where you can learn a lot of Spanish language lessons. Especially designed for those with a beginner level.

Here are the colors transcription into Spanish:

Yellow in Spanish: Amarillo
Red in Spanish:  Rojo
Green in Spanish: Verde
Blue in Spanish: Azul
Brown in Spanish: Marrón
Purple in Spanish: Morado
Gray in Spanish: Gris
Orange in Spanish: Naranja
Black in Spanish: Negro
White in Spanish: Blanco

colors in Spanish
All colors in Spanish

We know that learning a language is a difficult task. So we thought of making a dynamic website that integrates images, videos and games that make learning more attractive.

For this first lesson we have selected a video showing the exact pronunciation of the English colors that you can see down the news. We have also prepared several lessons both simple and complex, ranging from the numbers in Spanish to household items, clothing, and everything typical conversations that may be useful to acquire a good intermediate level of Spanish.

We are natives of Spain and Spanish teachers, so let's put all of us to learn easily and quickly.
Enjoy the video:

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