Friday, September 28, 2012

Numbers in Spanish

After seeing the colors in Spanish and greetings today we are going to introduce you our third lesson. The numbers is Spanish. We have prepared a number of documentation, information and tricks needed to learn numbers, also images accompanied by a video showing the pronunciation.

Please see the table below from 1 to 100: 0= Cero

numbers in spanish

The rest of the numbers are formed with the tens:

20 Veinte  30 Treinte  40 Cuarenta  50 Cincuenta  60 Sesenta  70 Setenta 80 Ochenta 90 Noventa

Followed by the conjunction "y" and the final number:

22 Veintidos (exception, as you can see ends in "veinti" and not "veinte". In this case there is no conjunction "y" and both numers are written together)

33 Treinta y tres

44 Cuarenta y cuatro

55 Cincuenta y cinco

66 Sesenta y seis

77 Setenta y siete

89 Ochenta y ocho

99 Noventa y Nueve

100 Cien

From 101 to 1000:

It is very easy, we just take the word "ciento" and then we just add the rest of the number, for exemple:

101 Ciento uno
143 Ciento cuarenta y tres
200 Doscientos
250 Doscientos cincuenta
300 Trescientos
400 Cuatrocientos
500 Quinientos
600 Seiscientos
800 Ochocientos
900 Novecientos
1000 Mil
1234 Mil doscientos treinta y cuatro

Now let's see the pronunciation in the video below. We recommend that you look at youtube videos with songs that make you learn the numbers in a more readable form. There is no better way to than using the music and games.

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