Friday, October 19, 2012

Family in Spanish

When you hold a social conversation or even in professional environment and especially when you are introducing yourself or when we are getting to know, it is common to use the family vocabulary with our new friends or colleageues. If we talk about our parents, our nephew, and even ask for a burial permit we must know the names of the family in Spanish

 We have selected a large vocabulary of over 30 words related to the family, some as usual as grandson, uncle, nephew, grandfather and others as atypical but also have their role as grandfather, godson or stepchild. 

 We place special emphasis on images and visual elements such as videos and songs, so we propose the following photograph showing a clear family relationships and their transcription into Spanish:

Family in Spanish

Spanish English
Abuela Grandmother
Abuelo Grandfather
Abuelos Grandparents
Esposa Wife
Esposo Husband
Hermana Sister
Hermano Brother
Hija Daughter
Hijo Son
Hijos Children
Madre Mother
Mamá Mom
Spanish English
Nieta Granddaughter
Nieto Grandson
Nietos Grandchildren
Padre Father
Padres Parents
Papá Dad
Primo Cousin
Prima Cousin
Sobrina Niece
Sobrino Nephew
Tía Aunt
Tío Uncle
Spanish English
Ahijada Goddaughter
Ahijado Godson
Cuñada Sister-in-law
Cuñado Brother-in-law
Hijastra Stepdaughter
Hijastro Stepson
Hijastros Stepchildren
Huérfano Orphan
Hijo único Only child
Spanish English
Madrastra Stepmother
Madrina Godmother
Mascota Pet
Nuera Daughter-in-law
Padrastro Stepfather
Padrino Godfather
Suegra Mother-in-law
Suegro Father-in-law
Yerno Son-in-law

As we always say, the pronunciation is an important aspect of learning, so that we can understand each other, we have to learn to pronounce words well. In this case, the family vocabulary is quite easy to pronounce, as it has many words used in a similar way. We have prepared a video with the pronunciation of the most common words, the rest can be found in the Google translation tool, which has a sound function. 

Thanks for listening and do not forget to share our articles with colleagues and friends, is a good way to pay our efforts to teach more and more Spanish lessons.

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