Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Food in Spanish

Today we will try a big topic in what is learning basic vocabulary. We talk about the name of the food in spanish. We include ingredients and international dishes to provide you with a huge vocabulary, so yoy can have a good conversation about food with others. Remember to look for the words in the written text, it contains some extra words you will not find in the image.

Below this article you will find a video with the pronunciation of the vocabulary of the food in spanish.

food in spanish

hamburger – hamburguesa
steak – bistec
meat – Carne
fish – pescado
chicken – pollo
shrimp – camarones / gambas en españa
ham – jamón
spaghetti – espagueti
Rice – Arroz
french fries – papas fritas
salad – ensalada
corn – maíz
broccoli – brócoli
soup – sopa
cake – pastel, bizcocho, torta
ice cream – helado
pie – pastel
water – agua
soda – refresco
orange juice – jugo de naranja
coffee – café
tea – té

Below you have a list with the fruit in spanish:

banana – banana, plátano
apple – manzana
grape – uva
lemon – limón
orange – naranja
cherry – cereza
pear – pera
grapefruit – pomelo, toronja
strawberry – fresa
watermelon – sandía
pineapple – piña
lime – lima
peach – durazno, melocotón
corn – maíz
onion – cebolla
tomato – tomate
carrot – zanahoria
potato – papa
broccoli – brócoli
green bean – ejote
green pepper – pimiento verde
celery – apio
lettuce – lechuga
cucumber – pepino
mushroom – champiñón, seta
pea – guisante, chicharo

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